Older Adult and Caregiver Services

Programs offered through Older Adult and Caregiver Services of Lutheran Family Services

Programs offered through Older Adult and Caregiver Services (OACS) are specifically designed to support older adults and their families as they wrestle with aging related issues.  Aging related concerns are present in everyone’s lives – it could be concerns over your aging parents memory or physical health, an older adult unable to afford their medical care, a widow struggling with the loss of her spouse/home/community, an adult caregiver caring for her parents and her teenage children while working full-time.  OACS staff members are experts in the field of aging and support a “Positive Culture of Aging.”  

Because of our commitment to serving vulnerable older adults who often have limited financial resources or support networks, our programs are provided through a sliding-scale fee structure based on income or, if funds are available, at no change to the client.   These fees are subsidized through federal, state and private grants and from generous gifts from churches and the community.

Our programs include:

Care Management Program – Assessments/On-going Care Management support.  
  • Our care managers start with a comprehensive assessment of the older adult and his/her family.  We examine the current support system, living environment, medical and mental health conditions, financial and legal situation, assisted devices in use, needs for other assistance and current goals for the older adult and his/her family.  From this assessment, we develop a “Care Plan” where we make recommendations for services needed to assist the older adult with their living goals.  If the older adult needs ongoing help implementing the care plan, we will stay involved until the care plan is completed.  While care management is often brief in nature, we occasionally provide ongoing care management support throughout the older adult’s life, depending on the nature of the client’s needs.
  • Care Management Program is provided through a sliding-scale fee structure based on older adult income.  Services are available in the client’s home.
Care Management Program – Consults
  • Consults are sessions with the adult children of older adults or older adults looking for guidance on a specific situation.  Through pointed questions and information gathering, our care managers make recommendations to meet the needs of the older adult.  Often these sessions are around issues such as: when/where to move when an older adult can no longer live alone, how to talk with parents about aging related issues, financial and legal considerations related to Medicaid or other financial benefits. 
  • Consults are provided at a low hourly rate and are only provided in the OACS office.
African American Caregiver Support Program
  • At OACS, we believe in the importance of culture… and adaptation of services to meet culturally unique needs. 

    Our African American Caregiver Support Program provides assistance to some 200 Northeast Denver residents a year. One of the only programs of its kind in the United States, this program is provided at no charge to clients thanks to funding by the Denver Regional Council of Governments.

    The 12-year-old program is designed to give geriatric caregivers a sense of control, relieve their frustration, and provide them with ways to maintain their physical, mental and spiritual health. Rooted in cultural perspective, the program provides respite care, home visits, caregiver training/education, a caregiver support group, counseling and an annual caregiver’s conference.
  • OACS counseling program serves older adults and/or their families.  Our counselors are experts in grief and loss issues, transition to higher level of care, working with families and medical professionals on understanding aging related issues related to significant mental illnesses.  
  • OACS bills most insurances (including Medicare) and also offers a sliding scale private pay option.  In some situations, we are able to visit clients in the home (travel costs are assigned based on income and ability to pay).
Programs available in the following areas:
  • Counseling – Ft. Collins/Loveland area & metro-Denver area at the LFS office.  Sometimes counseling can be provided in the client’s home.
  • Care Management – Ft. Collins/Loveland area & metro-Denver area
  • Caregiver support – metro-Denver area & Ft. Collins/Loveland area.

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