Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains/Lutheran Disaster Response -Wildfire Response 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On Wednesday June 27, 2012, Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains formally reinstated its Disaster Response program to address the needs of victims of wildfires currently burning in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.

LFS/Lutheran Disaster Response has previously responded to Federally Declared disasters including: the trial of Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh in 1996, the Ft. Collins flood in 1997; the school shootings at Columbine High School in 1999; the Missionary Ridge Fire/Durango, the Hayman Fire/Woodland Park and the Coal Seam Fire/Glenwood Springs – all in 2002; the relocation of displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina and Rita in 2005; the 2007 Tornado in Clovis, New Mexico; and the 2008 Tornadoes in northern Colorado (Windsor). 

As of June 27, 2012 approximately twelve wildfires are burning in Colorado, two in New Mexico and one in Wyoming that are impacting hundreds of square miles; hundreds of homes, structures, churches and businesses; and, thousands of our neighbors, families and friends.

The fires are dramatically impacting our LFS foster care and refugee programs with numerous evacuations involving our staff, foster homes, Board members, donors and volunteers. We know of at least one Lutheran Pastor to date that has lost his home and others that are being threatened. In northern Colorado LFS has already provided a disaster response grant to Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp to help defray their emergency evacuation and relocation expenses. 

LFS hopes to announce the hiring of a Disaster Response Coordinator early next week under the disaster-seasoned direction of our Refugee and Community Services Vice President, James Horan (303-217-5835). In the meantime, our staff are checking in with churches in the immediately impacted areas to ascertain the scope of the losses, needs and outreach already occurring in and through our partner churches and developing a needs and resource matrix that we can begin to address in the coming weeks, months and years, as we come alongside church and community victims with services that heal, strengthen and provide hope.

Disaster Response ministries are funded by contributions to the Lutheran Disaster Response. No church-wide funds are budgeted to support disaster responses. The financial resources needed to give life to our Lutheran Disaster Response will require considerable support from individuals and congregations throughout Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming and across the country. If you would like to make a financial contribution to help provide the spiritual, emotional, physical and financial support necessary for the long-term recovery of thousands of families, children and special needs populations, please send a check  marked “Colorado Wildfires”, “New Mexico Wildfires”, “Wyoming Wildfires”, or “Rocky Mountain Area Wildfires”, to:

Lutheran Disaster Response
8765 W. Higgins Road
Chicago, IL 60631       ph800-638-3522
Gifts that are designated to a particular response will go in full 100% -- to that particular response   

LCMS World Relief and Human Care
Attn: Disaster Relief

P.O. Box 66861
St. Louis MO 63166-6861       ph 888-930-4438                  

Any funds not needed for this relief effort will be used for other purposes as -- determined by LCMS World Relief and Human Care.

Your generosity will be combined with that of concerned Lutherans across the country to supply local needs for the long haul. Please continue to pray for victims and care-givers alike for the duration of this long fire season. Thank you!